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SAP HCM - Human Capital Management Training

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Core Engineering, Commerce, Science, Pharmacy, HR, Recruitment etc. Under graduates, Graduates, Post graduates, Professionals who wants to get into SAP Ecosystem as SAP Business Users OR Commerce/ Finance stream Under Graduates, Graduates, Post graduates, working Professionals in Accounting/Finance sector


80-60 hours / 3 months / Genuine Job Assistance

Price (Figures in Rupees):

Course Fees : Rs 29,500/-

Types of Sub Models of SAP HCM

SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) may be a helpful module as way because the ERP Sap systems are involved. To implement the SAP HCM module, there's no got to plan the general method. Its package acknowledged for its flexibility because it permits changes within the new SAP inside this method. sap training institute in Kolkata is completed on-line still as several institutes has the practicability. However, it’s necessary to seem for sap authorised training centres in Kolkata .


Important HCM Modules

The online SAP time unit coaching and certification courses have gained vast quality these days. There are varied models for distinct processes by SAP in human resources management. as an example, the names, designation and worker ID of each employee gets recorded in every firm by the time unit. the knowledge is saved with an automatic method with the assistance of the SAP HCM techniques. Likewise, data is hold on betting on the payroll details, time management, work structure and a lot of. it's vital to hunt the simplest SAP time unit certification course to urge well versed with the module. Try to visit best sap authorised training centres in Kolkata to know more.

  1. Organisational Management: A method whereby individuals add constant platform to accomplish a group goal. This method aids within the best time and resource management at work. The SAP HCM on-line coaching provides AN in-depth data concerning however it works.
  2. Personnel Administration: AN insight into however expeditiously the human resource is managed in an organisation is outlined here. All the knowledge relating to worker orientation, compensation edges, and performance appraisal gets half-tracked below this method.
  3. E-Recruitment: an automatic recruiting method that helps time unit specialists to rent the proper resource supported their talent.
  4. Time Management: A method that helps to arrange, record, and appraise the performance of workers for a particular period of your time. It helps to grasp however AN employee’s presence or absence is creating an impression on the organisation.
  5. Payroll: A method that decides the compensations and pay-scale of the staff. The salary, compensation programs, overtime and a lot of are assessed here.
  6. MSS & ESS: Management self-service and worker self-service helps comes within the best use because the former one helps managers to take care of employee knowledge and therefore the later one is all concerning keeping a track on the knowledge of their tenure on an individual basis.
  7. Reporting: last, reportage helps time unit team to supply updated knowledge of all the staff. the method conjointly helps in chase the stratified pattern followed in a very company.