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IT & Networking - CCNA Certification

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Scope of CCNA Training Program

CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is the basic IT certification course that provides knowledge on conceptual network technicalities. To get an entry-level job in the IT sector, the CCNA training institute in Kolkata offers the best training to help you become a certified IT professional. The training is appropriate for IT and networking technicians. However, a candidate who passes 10+2 can also gain the eligibility to pursue the CCNA course in Kolkata with placement.

CCNA Training Program


Basic Details

If you are still unsure what CCNA training in Kolkata offers, you will find answers below.

CCNA being an IT certification program provided by Cisco has gained a lot of scopes as far as engineering is concerned. It is one of the best hardware and networking course in Kolkata offered by Cisco. The CCNA program mainly focuses on Routing and Switching.

The IT systems consist of network, databases, hardware and software. Networking is of utmost significance in IT sector as it’s a broad spectrum that includes Operating System, wireless technology, hardware and software. Security, routing, switching, WLAN and LAN are the key components of networking. Out of these components, the best networking training institute in Kolkata pays more attention to Switching as well as Routing.

The best CCNA training institute in Kolkata helps several students learn the program and do well in their career. The CCNA program provides coaching to students in IP addressing, internetworking, ACL, VLAN technology, assembling and configuration of the router, basics of the routers and more.

After completion of the training program, the candidates learn to perform tasks that are mentioned below.

  1. Installing the networks of switched and routed ones
  2. Configuration of switching and routing networks
  3. Maintaining the networks
  4. Operating the networks
  5. Designing, developing and optimising the switched and routed networks.

Thus, these are some of the basics about the CCNA training and how it helps students take their career to the next level. Due to an increasing trend, the scope for professional network engineers has increased over the years. CCNA training program greatly helps people make an entry in the IT sector. Besides, it ensures that IT employees have a great career and job opportunities.