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SAP enable now is the latest tool which provides the most comprehensive enablement solution and effective training for non-sap and sap system. It is a web-based user interface that offers context assistance to end-users instantaneously. It is also available as of SAP solution application layer.

SAP authorized training center in Kolkata

It is helpful for the organizations for creating bespoke applications and also helpful in getting the training solution for the users from SAP authorized training center in Kolkata.

Traditionally, the SAP enable now is collective management, content sharing platform that supports the online performance, self-directed learning, and led training. There are plenty of SAP payroll training courses that train you the basics of SAP enable now. Once you have installed the SAP enable now, it will work within the SAP solution application layer. It understands the needs of the user who is looking for assistance and only offers the service as per the situation.

The carousel will appear on the top right corner when you will click on “?”. By using this, you will enable to create, deliver, and maintain the learning content and learning material. It is directly cohesive with the application task. The enablement content of the SAP enable now is unified in three categories, which are as follows:

Embedded Content learning

Embedded learning is principally SAP delivered content, which is a part of the installation of SAP enables. It will get started by clicking on “getting started” tutorials for the new users of the Fiori user interface home page or logins. You can click on “learning content,” which pops up many learning contents menu.

For instance: clicking on the “working with launchpad” will bring you the topic with some explanations, which will help you in learning what topic is dealt with and the duration of the problem. You can also have this from the best SAP management training courses in Kolkata. Now you can have this from the play button, which starts with the demo tutorials. The second button is “try it yourself now,” which enables you to try the process and practice yourself. The final step will be a step by step guide of creating the printout.

Contextual contents help

It is also SAP pre-deliver content specified for the Fiori apps available in SAP fico training in Kolkata. It is very much similar to the F1 help that is offered by the SAP field and the content in the application. For instance: You will observe the circles of blue/green colors in the hotspot created by learners. When you click on it, it will bring you an explanation with more details. Additionally, you can move the cursor on the help topic that comprises of laser beam pointing to the hotspot.

Guided content tour

In this, the steps of a process are allotted, which guide with the contextual information. It provides the details of what the users will do as they move from step by step procedure until the whole process is finished. The steps are numbered in a sequence that will guide you on the live screen. SAP training in Kolkata will make you familiar with the SAP enable now basics. Moreover, you can search for the best Best SAP Management Training Courses near me, which will guide you in learning the basics of SAP enable now in more detail.